International Sales Department

                                    Nice you found your way to us. Please check our service and feel free to contact us during our business hours to learn                                         more about what we can do for you.

Advertisement and Procurement

You`re looking for help to place your product on the german market? We`re specialized on helping asian electronic producers and exporteurs to establish their business and products in germany. You would like to know more about this service?

Our marketing department surely will reply to your requests within 48 hours.

Reselling Service

Our reselling service for your products helps you to gain profits, simplifies your business and creates a new decade for your company. We`re spezialised in selling electronic goods to german customers by all kind of commercial channels.

Our sales department surely will reply within 24 hours.

Warehousing & Shipping Service

The globalization progresses continiously and more and more asian wholesaler somehow made their way to german customers. We can provide you with an warehousing and shipping service to help you selling your products on german or european market.

Our Team will normally reply within 48 hours.

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